Limited-Time Offer – Buy 1, Get 1 Free Ad Testing

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Featured, Webinar

This is a great time for agencies and brands to leverage the CIIM™ tool to test Cultural Relevancy & DEI in all Mass Market and Multicultural & Inclusive targeted and in-language campaigns, to:

  • Gauge cultural relevance of ads under development to guide final outcome
  • Learn how your ad stacks in your category and across 7 segments – Asian, Black, Hispanic (English & Spanish), LGBTQ, White Non-Hispanic, & General Population Weighted
  • Understand how reflective of DEI attributes your campaign is
  • Establish brand performance baselines
  • Measure your ads up against cultural attributes such as Respect, Cultural Values, Role Models, Cultural Celebration, and more
  • Boost your ad effectiveness in categories such as purchase intent, brand perception, recommendation score, and more

Take advantage of this limited time promotion through April 15. It applies only to a total of 2 ads (1 bought, 1 free) tested through CIIM™.

Please contact the CIIM™ Team at [email protected] to submit creative.

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