Decoding the Value of Culture & DEI

Stronger Cultural Relevance = Greater Advertising ROI

Over 1 Million Cultural Evaluations Across Ads, Shows, and Movies

Culture Enhances Ad Effectiveness KPIs

CIIM™ Has Proven That Cultural Relevance Is Good for Consumers And Good for Brands’ Growth

Guiding Brands to Effect Social Change Through Authentic Reflections in Communications & Content

We are Passionate About Uncovering Powerful Cultural and Diversity Insights to Lift Brands’ Trust, Sales, and Loyalty

Culture Drives Viewers’ Content Preference

Cultural Inclusion Acceleratorᵀᴹ

We innovate inclusive measurement solutions that enable every marketer to see and act on each consumer’s authenticity. We are passionate about uncovering powerful cultural and diversity insights to lift brands’ trust, sales, and loyalty.

CULTURaL INCLUSION Acceleratorᵀᴹ Applications


Media Network & Content Developers

DEI-Marketing Leaders

Media Planning Agencies

Creative Agencies

Culture Significantly enhaNces SALES LIFT

Other campaign effectiveness factors

Cultural relevance (CIIM™) and the persuasiveness it generates account for 66% of campaigns’ sales lift




Culturally relevant advertising increases overall likeability


Gather Information

Culturally relevant advertising increases overall brand interest



Culturally relevant advertising increases overall brand recommendation


Purchase Intent

Culturally relevant advertising increases overall purchase intent


Brand Perception

Culturally relevant advertising increases overall brand perception

WE TESt 7 Segments

ROBUST NORMS ACROSS 14 Categories and 66+ subcategories

Webinar & Insights

Discovering cultural relevance insights that align with the brand, CIIM™ Ads testing early-stage creative to guide final creative and maximize impact for advertisers

Incorporating CIIM™ Content cultural relevance scores with reach and frequency planning/media optimizers while leveraging the multiplier impact of minority owned/targeted media through the Diverse Media Accelerator™

Incorporating DEI reflections in ads, establishing baselines, tracking DEI Accelerator™ progress, and improvement on brand trust

Applying CIIM™ Content to understand urgency to develop characters and storylines that authentically depict MC & diverse audiences

Setting CIIM™ Ads cultural relevance performance benchmarks by brand and by segment while infusing cultural insights from creative brief to final execution