Hispanic Marketing Council: Navigating an Increasingly Critical Hispanic Cultural Environment

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Webinar

Where is Hispanic Culture in Marketing in 2022? New research shows that Hispanic consumers, especially Gen Zers, are demanding more from brands that must adapt to new expectations or get left behind. The Cultural Inclusion Accelerator™’s measurement tools –Cultural Insights Impact Measure™, DEI Accelerator™, and Diverse Media Accelerator™ have shed light on the landscape of how brands are perceived through ads.

As part of the Hispanic Marketing Council’s webinar series, you will learn:

  • What Hispanic expectations are rising, and which Hispanics are driving that change
  • Where Hispanics see less authentic culture in advertising
  • What types of creative connect more successfully
  • What is the importance of in-language advertising
  • How to reinforce brand trust through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reflections in ads
  • How media placement can influence ad effectiveness among Hispanics

Carlos Santiago – President & Chief Strategist / Santiago Solutions Group, Inc.
Nathanael Roy– Data Analyst / Cultural Inclusion Accelerator™

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