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World Journal

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Jimmy Gao


Mission Statement:

World Journal adheres to the principles of "freedom and democracy", "fairness and objectivity" and "public interests first", and aims to "serve the Chinese people in North America and promote Chinese culture".

Unique Point of Difference:

As a multimedia powerhouse, World Journal not only helps the Chinese American community stay informed and connected with their home countries, but also helps them assimilate the mainstream culture and life in the United States.

It is our goal to be always trustworthy by providing real and undistorted information to the community. And we are proud to say that people regard World Journal as a reliable news and information source.

World Journal is one of very few US based independent Chinese language media has not been sponsored by foreign nations.

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Print, Digital

Programatic Ready: DSP

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US National : 80% Outside US: 20%

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Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

We are open to partnership and sponsorship opportunities. McDonald has an on going media partnership with us for more than 10 years. It focus on education events and contents. Following are two interview video we produce this the sponsorship: