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Urban One

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Fred Jackson



Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the most trusted source in the African-American community that informs, entertains and inspires our audience by providing culturally relevant integrated content through our radio, television, and digital platforms.

Unique Point of Difference:

We are the largest distributor of urban content in the country. For more than 40 years, Urban One has been the leading voice speaking to Black America. First, as the largest local urban radio network. Then, as the largest syndicator of urban programming. Yes, we can even claim our position as the largest Black owned television network and distributor of digital urban content.

Our brands are unsurpassed. Our content is relevant. Our reach is unparalleled. No other multi-media company reaches over 80% of Black America. We proudly wear our banner and lift our voice as we ‘Represent Black Culture’ boldly, courageously and unapologetically.

Regardless of the medium, whether it’s TV One, Radio One, Reach Media, iOne Digital or One Solution, we create content that REPRESENTS a people whose impact has touched every fiber of American life. That’s what makes us experts. We are creators and distributors. We are developers and executors. We provide solutions to advertisers seeking a deeper customer engagement. And we are the answer for urban enthusiasts wanting content to satisfy their mind, body and spirit.

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Audio, Video, Radio, Cable TV, Content Integration, Digital

Programatic Ready: SSP

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NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council

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Urban One represents the intersection of a 40+ year legacy across our radio, digital and cable TV properties. We know urban lifestyle better than anyone else and we are a trusted source within the community.

One Solution is Urban One's award-winning branded solution division at the only fully-integrated Black media company in America. We develop innovative brand-relevant initiatives that are grounded in Black culture and nuance. Our goal is to enhance a brand's level of engagement with our audience while providing a higher level of visibility and reach.


iOne Digital reaches 49MM monthly unique visitors, represented by nine (9) national brands with premium content, award-winning branded content and experiences, three (3) YouTube-focused brands, 34+ original video franchises, 30M+ social followers, and original social franchises, an audio streaming platform and a network of local radio websites. Reach Media and Radio One is the largest audio network targeting Black America. Reach Media is a trusted Black audio network with 325 affiliates in 95 DMAs. Radio One comprises 70 owned and operated stations across 13 markets, offering diverse formats that target all demo groups (UAC, Hip Hop, Inspiration, News Talk). Respected national and local programs, on-air personalities and live events and experiences. TV One reaches 49MM homes delivering award-winning programming that authentically showcases the diversity of the Black experience. For twenty (20) years, TV One has offered exciting original programming (including movies, scripted comedies, reality and docu-series), classic popular sitcoms, and culturally relevant specials while remaining committed to its promise of representing the best in Black culture with something for everyone. CLEO TV reaches 43MM homes and showcases lifestyle and entertaining content for Millennial and GEN X women of color who are living life on their own terms. They are modern disruptors, ethnically diverse, and tech-savvy feminists who work, play, and slay their way. CLEO TV’s programming is original, authentic, transformational, and honest. With an original programming mix of lifestyle, culture, and edu-tainment, CLEO TV is flawless, fearless, and fresh.



One Community is one of the nation’s largest African American consumer advisory panel consisting of employed, college educated adults. One Community provides cultural insights, ad campaign effectiveness, brand affinity, concept testing and title testing and programming insights.
Campaign performance and audience reach: - Campaign performance IAS & DV/Audience Reach: Comscore & Nielsen Media and customer conversions: - Nielsen, MRI, Comscore, Foursquare (attribution efforts) Third-party verification and suitability partners (brand safety, viewability, and content appropriateness): - Double Verify & IAS

AUTOMOTIVE (BRANDED EXPERIENTIAL PLATFORM) Urban One collaborated with one of the nation's largest auto brands on a robust media and experiential series that engaged influencers, thought leaders and performers in live experiences, branded video content and editorial with high-impact media that maximized the ecosystem. The One Community consumer insights study resulted in these key findings: 72% of Black/AA consumers viewed the automoakers more positively (51% for the general population) 68% of Black/AA consumers are much more likely to take an action (get more information about the brand) 64% of Black/AA consumers love this campaign and want to see more like it (40% for the general population) +7pts lift in perception among Black/AA consumers that the automaker is an advocate for social change (+2pts for general population) TELECOM (HBCU THEMED BRANDED CONTENT SERIES) Urban One partnered with a leading telecom company through digital/social, television and national radio platforms and influencer relationships were leveraged to craft a unique content series celebrating current students pursing greater possibilities at HBCUs. The One Community consumer insights study resulted in these key findings: 70% of the respondents 18-49 are more likely to consider the telecom brand after watching the campaign video 60% of respondents 18-49 who viewed the campaign videos reported they liked the videos "A Lot" 53% of respondents 18-49 reported they resonated with the brand's Black culture initiative 14% of respondents 18-49 recall seeing the campaign videos primarily on television. TELECOM (BRANDED CONTENT SERIES - BLACK HISTORY MONTH) The leading telecom brand partnered with Urban One to connect with Black culture through the important platform of entrepreneurship with has served as a vehicle to build wealth for the Black community. The brand seeked to establish corporate allyship by amplifying small Black business owners and operators. The One Community consumer insights study resulted in these key findings: 96% of respondents 18-24 who viewed the campaign video rated it "Good" or "Excellent" 87% brand favorability among current users 80% of respondents 25-34 intend to support Black-owned businesses and agree major companies should do the same 73% of respondents 18-24 viewed the brand more positively after watching the campaign video

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

One Solution develops out of the box solutions through ideation and execution from Urban One’s programming and event initiatives. Our in-house client services team manages our top tier partnerships. This team takes a holistic approach to client’s business. These creative problem-solvers provide custom client services from strategy to activation. One X Studios is a branded content studio comprised of designers, directors, producers, writers and strategists dedicated to illuminating stories that often go untold. We harness the power of Black culture to ignite brands through content audiences crave. One Solution is the proud recipient of 44 industry awards (2016-2023) including Best Branded Content Studio two years in a row (2017, 2018).