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Main Contact:

Adrian Whant


Mission Statement:

Unique Point of Difference:

Type of media company:

Audio, Video, Content Integration, Digital

Programatic Ready:

Focused segment:



Hispanic, LGBTQ


NGLCC: National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Media Kit (download):

trooVRS is a men's editorial immersive media platform reimagined for the metaverse. The 2023 media kit features trooVRS sponsorship opportunities for brands and marketers looking to leverage new technologies like Web3, NFTs, and Immersive storytelling (Metaverse) as a new way to discover and interact with new audiences.


trooVRS is in its MVP stage, hosting invite-only events targeting a brand's loyal customers, plus custom promotional campaigns. Scale and reach will vary depending on the brand's activation and event.


Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

Brands can activate immersive storytelling campaigns in trooVRS virtual environments. Brands activation includes custom branded VR environments, Video-centric storytelling (Short- and Long-form), 3D branded product interactable (i.e., 3D product placement), e-commerce, affiliate marketing, contextual editorial, custom NFTs (Collectibles/Utility), mixed-reality events and experiences (i.e., product launches, brand-focused presentations).