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NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council

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For 18 years, (BDO) has been the leading and most trusted health and wellness destination for Blacks. We leverage culture, content, and technology to transform our 20 million monthly users lives for the better. Due to our stellar reputation in the healthcare industry, BDO is uniquely positioned to launch BDO Pro, our site for physicians of color, and the "Wellness On The Yard" Hub empowering HBCU students physically, mentally, and financially.


BDO reaches over 20 million consumers monthly.

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Website Banner Impressions Client branded or unbranded banners appear on the (BDO) website within a relevant channel surrounded by content that directly relates to the advertisement. Sponsored Content Sponsored articles showcase the efficacy of client brands and are featured within a relevant channel. BDO guarantees a minimum of 1,000 article views. Newsletters Newsletters are deployed daily to 1.2 million opt-in subscribers and boast and above industry average open (18%) and click through (3-4%) rates. Clients can run banners within the newsletter directing subscribers to desired on-lines properties. Facebook Live/Webinars BDO produces, promotes, and airs sponsorable FB Live events dedicated to specific topics. Client/sponsor representatives can appear as panelists/experts to showcase their expertise and care for the communities they serve. BDO TV Once a FB Live airs on our FB platform, the video is, then, posted on our BDO TV channel by category for future reference for our audience members. Facebook Posts Clients can gain access to our responsive Facebook audience via Facebook posts. Custom Content BDO has a proven track record of creating engaging custom content (articles and videos) for clients that go viral. Text Links Text links will be placed within relevant content on the BDO platform to identify and drive hand-raisers to client’s online property for additional information about the brand. Video Pre-Roll Client :15, :30 and :60 pre-roll videos run within relevant channels and throughout the site to highlight and build brand engagement. Sponsored Product Page Clients can take the best pages from their branded or unbranded websites and place them within the BDO trusted environment to enhance audience response. My Story Series Sponsorship Sponsorable personal user testimonials are engaging and are featured within relevant channels on our website. Audience Polls/Surveys Clients can gain critical insights in “real-time” via our audience surveys. Determine user perception of a brand or topic and adjust brand messaging accordingly. FB Live Information Gathering Events Gain critical insights through the candid comments and testimonials shared during BDO’s FB Live events from BDO’s engaged and responsive viewing audience. Lead Generation BDO has assembled a growing database of like-minded or condition specific users by category that clients can access and market to on a regular basis with conversion results that exceed industry standards. HCP Offering Leverage BDOPRO to reach and engage targeted HCPs by specialty who place a premium on cultural sensitivity when treating their patients of color. Clinical Trial Resource Center Clients can diversify their clinical trial offerings by placing up to 20 trials within the epicenter of where Blacks are learning about the life-saving advantages of clinical trial participation, what and where the latest trials are being conducted by condition, and how to enroll. Find a Doctor Search Tool More than 17,000 users a month rely on the BDO Find a Doctor Search Tool to locate a culturally sensitive physician. Clients can place their messaging in this receptive environment to engage these patients as they are seeking professional help.