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Impact Network

Main Contact:

Jahid Mirza


Mission Statement:

To impact viewers in positive ways through enrichment & entertainment. Impact TV reinvests in underserved communities, an investment in Impact is an investment in the black ecosystem

Unique Point of Difference:

All of our content is family friend and brand safe. That means no foul language, violence, drug use or other explicit content. Impact is a mission based media company supporting the community such as: developing educational programs, feeding the underprivileged, building schools in Africa. For seniors aging out of careers, Impact provides career redevelopment, along with many other programs both domestically and internationally.

Type of media company:

Video, Cable TV, Linear TV, Content Integration

Programatic Ready:

Focused segment:





NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council, MBE: Minority Business Enterprise

Media Kit (download):

The Impact Network is 100% black owned &operated super serving the black community we have been connecting with for 10+ years. We are proud of our commitment to minority creators and producers who are working with us to create content that is engaging and enriching entertainment that is "authentic". We are super-serving family friendly, brand safe content.


Today, the Impact Network is available in 62M linear TV homes representing 65% of all US TV Homes making us the largest family friendly, brand safe, black owned and operated channel, for todays black community. Impact is amplifying the full richness of the modern black experience with audiences across the nation. We are available on every major MVPD (carriage list and dial position available).



While we are not measured, we do provide guidance on impressions and CPM. We are open to discussion in finding additional ways to provide ROI.
To be discussed.

We are open to discussions dependent on clients KPI's.

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

Impact invites minority creators across the industry both behind the camera and on the screen to celebrate black excellence 365 days a year. Impact is committed to amplifying valuable topics and tentpoles throughout the calendar year. Black media is often portrayed through extremes, Impact is the only family friendly destination for partnership and sponsorship opportunities that authentically depict black values. Join us as we embark on our journey to engage, enrich and entertain this highly coveted audience. Upcoming Tentpole Events on Impact Network: Black History Month – February 2024 Women of Impact – March 2024 Black Women’s Month – April 2024 National Minority Health Awareness Month – April 2024 Pink Awards (Breast Cancer Awards) – April 2024 Juneteenth – June 2024 Black Music Month – June 2024 Black Business Month - August 2024