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Katie Hoseit


Mission Statement:

Sabio Holdings’ mission is to ensure all diverse audiences are accurately represented in media. A diverse-owned leader in the CTV/OTT ecosystem, we help brands reach, engage, validate, and understand diverse consumers through technology.

Diversity is in our DNA. We are an NMSDC-certified minority-owned business. From our diverse publisher sets to our granular first-party data, we are able to recognize and differentiate diverse cultures through precise audience segmentation and validate audiences through our diverse measurement solution, making us the trusted choice for advertisers in multicultural campaign initiatives for nearly a decade.

Unique Point of Difference:

Main Value Propositions:
-Proprietary Tech Built for CTV Efficiency
-Precise Audience Targeting at Scale
-Dedicated Customer Service with Every Campaign
-Innovative Creative Studio
-Diverse Audience Expertise

Type of media company:

Video, Digital

Programatic Ready:

Focused segment:

Multicultural, Customizable


Asian, Hispanic, Veteran


NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council, MBE: Minority Business Enterprise


We reach US audiences on CTV, OTT, and mobile via direct partnerships. Our ecosystem is comprised of 280M mobile devices and 110M CTV household devices that are distilled into a privacy-compliant, validated household graph of 55M households that we target. -90% of total US mobile devices -44% of total US households


We are an agnostic partner and integrated into most major measurement platforms in the space including our sister company App Science®, Millward Brown, DISQO, Upwave, Samba TV, Videoamp, etc. If there is a preferred partner that you work with or not listed, Sabio can complete a certification and integration with them.   Sabio's preferred media measurement is App Science® to measure campaign performance and audience reach but is also certified with other media measurement platforms in the space and is open to integrating new partners.   Our solution to Impact reporting is App Science® (part of Sabio Holdings), which is the only advanced cross-platform analytics with a mobile first approach.  App Science®'s proprietary household graph, powered by people-based behavior signals, allows us to create unique target segments and offer sophisticated audience measurement solutions.  Our rich analytics empower actionable campaign intelligence that is agnostic and trusted. 
We offer viewability, fraud, brand safety, video completion rate (VCR) and click-through rate (CTR) guarantees.

Top Agency and its Multinational Personal Care Goods Brand leveraged App Science® (Sabio Holdings Measurement Arm) to generate brand awareness of their hair care product during Back-to-School season, ultimately leading to sales. In measuring brand lift for purchase intent, the question "how likely are you to buy the product in the next 3 months?" yielded a 52% lift in "Definitely Will" and a 24% decrease in "Definitely Will Not" - demonstrating that the ads positively influenced the audience's purchase intent. App Science® utilized a 1:1 Match Exposure to those who have seen the ad within our proprietary 55MM HH graph.

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

MEDIA ACTIVATION Sabio is a CTV platform, helping brands reach the right audience, on the right device, at the right time. Privacy-compliant mobile app data allows us to identify and reach consumers more effectively on Mobile and CTV devices across 55MM Validated Households. -Media Buys Available: CTV, OTT, Mobile CAMPAIGN MEASUREMENT App Science® offers a suite of customizable audience measurement capabilities for advanced cross-platform analytics, powered by our Proprietary Household Graph of 55MM Validated People-Based Households. •Audience Measurement •In-Demo Verification •Reach & Frequency Monitoring •Brand Studies & Media Attribution NEW: INVENTORY Coming in H2 2024 - SabioTV, The Streaming Home of Creator-First TV. Our mission is to increase representation in the streaming TV space and surface unique programming that better reflects today’s diverse audiences. Diversity, Positivity and Authenticity are not just buzzwords to us. They are fundamental values that inform every content decision we make. We bring micro-influencers to mega-creators from diverse perspectives and backgrounds to the big screen. Exclusive to SabioTV, creators will extend their highly engaged, established social communities to streaming through original and unique programming.