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Justin Garrett


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Q.Digital is the #1 reaching LGBTQ media collective (ComScore ranked) owning four sites including LGBTQ Nation, GayCities, Queerty and INTO, and representing two additional LGBTQ owned and targeted sites AutoStraddle and PinkNews. Combined reach is 11M unduplicted unique visitors (Aug 2023, ComScore). As the leading LGBTQ media company we provide brands unique bespoke marketing programs that take a brand story authentically through the LGBTQ lens, connecting with the community on trusted sites and social. Our content programs have been shown by Nielsen to increase positive brand sentiment, purchase intent and recommendation intent. Our marketing programs for brands, editorial content and company regularly win awards and honors like Shorty Awards, Shorty Impact Awards, OMMA, GLAAD, LGBTQ Journalist Association.

Unique Point of Difference:

LGBTQ+ Competitors: Our advantages is that Q.Digital delivers 2-3x larger scale of our nearest competitor with our six-site alliance. Q.Digital audience spends more time on our sites per visitor showing a more engaged audience (2-3x competitive set, Minutes Per Visitor per Month, Comscore Aug 2023). ComScore shows low duplication between Q.Digital and competitors, which shows a unique audience extension opportunity if both partners are included. Q.Digital has remained LGBTQ-owned with the same owners for its entire 16-year existence, providing market stability and trusted leadership, stability to build brand partnerships. Many competitors are brand names that have long market presence, but the ownership has changed rapidly over the last decade, owners in and out of the LGBTQ community.

General Market Competitors: Social Media platforms like YouTube (Alphabet), Facebook/Instagram (Meta), Twitter, TikTok. Q.Digital is LGBTQ owned and operated, with sites created by and for the community. While a favorite reach/engagement vehicle for large advertising agencies and brands, LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD has noted that all social media platforms have FAILED their safety benchmarks leaving LGBTQ in harms way for hate speech and harassment. Q.Digital strongly advocates that campaigns have a solid footing with LGBTQ owned media first and leverage social media carefully as limited extension opportunities. Investing in Q.Digital for advertising means the investment in LGBTQ goes to the LGBTQ community, not a well-funded corporation who largely not focused on LGBTQ issues.

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Video, Content Integration, Digital

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LGBTQ, Multicultural




NGLCC: National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Media Kit (download):

Q.Digital is the largest LGBTQ+ owned and operated publisher in the US, and as certified by the NGLCC, ANA and Comscore.
Advertisers can scale programs through one ad buy across the Q.Digital Network including: Queerty,
LGBTQNation, Intomore, GayCities and with distribution partners PinkNews and Autostraddle. With the above 6
LGBTQ+ sites, Q.Digital reaches 11MM users each month according to Comscore. In addition to unmatched scale, Q.Digital offers brands opportunities to authentically connect with the LGBTQ+ community 365 days a year. We provide flexibility to
match your brands KPIs and your team’s bandwidth: we boast year-round tentpole programming opportunities
that brands can easily wrap around, and we can create bespoke branded content that are both engaging and
award worthy. Whether you’re looking to drive scale with video and display across our entire LGBTQ O&O
network, or for a partner to create high-impact video moments to help you stand out in the LGBTQ+ space –
Q.Digital will deliver.

Below are the Q.Digital 2024 Signature Programming across Q.Digital for the next 12 months:
• “The Queerties” (Jan/Feb, 2024 - largest LGBTQ culture and entertainment awards program)
• LGBTQ Nation’s “Black History Is Now” (Feb 2024 – celebrating Black Queer LGBTQ)
PRIDE: May-July
• Queerty "Pride50" (profiling the most iconic LGBTQ people who embody the spirit of pride this year)
• INTO "25 Under 25" (celebrating GenZ LGBTQ leaders)
• GayCities "PrideFinder" & “Pride in Places” (guiding users to the best pride events across the US and globe)
• LGBTQ Nation “Pride In Pictures” memorable moments at Pride events)
Late Summer & H2
• Q.Digital “Summer Games: Team LGBTQ+” (July-Sept, coverage from Paris through a queer lens)
• Queerty "Out for Good" (Sept-Oct, revealing those who came out and elevated our awareness of issues)
• Best of GayCities (Nov-Dec, largest LGBTQ travel awards).
• LGBTQ Nation "Heroes" (December, People of the Year)

We also just launched new brand-safe specific editorial channels serving the verticals of sports, style, family, awards, and wellness.


Q.Digital Network including: Queerty, LGBTQNation, Intomore, GayCities and with distribution partners PinkNews and Autostraddle. With the above 6 LGBTQ+ sites, Q.Digital reaches 11 Million users per month,, according to Comscore.


Comscore, Nielsen, Quantcast, Google Analytics, Parsly
We provide full campaign reporting where we guarantee impression delivery, we offer recaps of all campaign metrics. Based on investment level and campaign tactics, we can provide a Nielsen branded content study or a pre-post email survey.

Please see Media Kit

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

Bespoke custom programs includes elements like Custom Video Content, Custom Branded Content, Influencer/Notable LGBTQ talent integration, Custom Brand Creative, custom High Impact Units, display/video RON media, first impression takeovers, social distribution. Please see media kit for more details.