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Map Happy

Main Contact:

Erica Ho


Mission Statement:

Map Happy provides travelers with the tools, gear, and information to get to, thrive and connect with their destination. We‘ve reached 8 million readers since the beginning, working with brands such as KAYAK, AWAY and the country of Iceland.

It is also important to us that the world that writes about it look like they come from it. In this capacity, we work with the Society of American Travel Writers, certifying underrepresented writers and creating educational webinars for editors, destination marketing organizations and publications like Travel+Leisure and AFAR alike.

Unique Point of Difference:

Map Happy's key solution is the fact that our company participates in the greater industry initiatives at large, rather than within a vacuum. That means as a company, we work for greater diversity throughout the entire industry whether that's facilitating greater diversity internally at a brand like Travel+Leisure or AFAR, or educating other diverse creators about revenue, programmatic and advertising.

Traditional publishers typically employ less than 40% of their staff as diverse (travel publishers are less than 20%), while we prioritize and over index at 73%. We are intent on building diversity throughout the entire pipeline and core of our product, sticking to our core tenets that the diverse market is general market, and equity also means economic parity. In this, we have chosen Raptive as our partner.

Raptive represents 4,000+ independent lifestyle publishers, falling primarily in the food, family and home space (but also growing in tech, travel, finance, pets and more). In aggregate, we reach more than 170mm consumers. Across our scale, we offer proprietary data solutions, creative services and exclusive ad units. Raptive offers a unique combination of custom capabilities that can be deployed at scale. And, unlike other major publishing groups, every dollar spent with Raptive serves independent publishers that make up the backbone of the internet.

Type of media company:

Content Integration, Digital

Programatic Ready: DSP, SSP, Other

Focused segment:

Asian, Multicultural, Customizable


Asian, Veteran


Media Kit (download):

Updated January 2024, with 2024 highlights and programming.


Map Happy reaches 4.2 million annual impressions, with that reach coming primarily from Google (~75%), Pinterest and Facebook. For extended reach, we work with Raptive to expand that audience to 195 million people per month. Map Happy over indexes for the Asian population more than for any other ethnicity, compared to the U.S. average. The rest are average.


We can work with 3rd party data providers including Exelate/Nielsen, Epsilon, BlueKai/Oracle, Kantar, Neustar, etc.
We run IO based deals and PG via GAM and PMPs via Magnite. We don’t use any order management systems. Please see Partnership and Sponsorship for specifications.


Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

Programmatic - Open Market - Private Marketplace - Programmatic Guaranteed Custom Media Social Media Events Extended Reach Map Happy also works with Raptive, the largest creator network in the world, spanning 195M+ monthly uniques. The Raptive network also represent 400 diverse creators spanning over 40M+ monthly pageviews. Please the attached files and see our media kit for more information.