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Main Contact:

Adam Xia



Mission Statement:

We aspire to become a technology based entertainment giant that brings fun and joy to people and their families.

Unique Point of Difference:

In contrast to traditional OTT or user-generated content platform, iQiyi's content are mostly original productions so brand partners can feel reassuring using iQIYI when it comes to brand safety.

iQIYI is committed to deliver top-notch entertainment to our audiences by producing exclusive, high-quality content. This allows brand partners the freedom to handpick the content that aligns with their brand values and reaches their target demographics effectively.

Additionally, iQIYI continues to introduce new and innovative way for advertiser and brand partners to maximize their brand exposure, such as in person concerts, VIP membership partners, marketing events and etc.

Type of media company:

Video, Cable TV

Programatic Ready:

Focused segment:





MBE: Minority Business Enterprise

Media Kit (download):

Our advertising solution include 3 parts:
Standard ads (3rd party tracking)
Customize contents (Movie, Drama, Heritage Festival campaign or produce original shows exclusive for advertiser)
Integrated marketing (Celebrities resources)


MAU 7M Weekly preroll avails: 1.5 M



For standard ads, we accept 3rd party tracking tags. VCR, CTR
Our 15s preroll benchmark VCR is 87% CTR varies by different placements from 1%-8%

Please refer to case study

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

We have our original shows sponsor opportunity every month. Every Heritage festival, iqiyi will have exclusive sponsor opportunities for advertiser to celebrate together, such as: LNY, AAPIHM, MoonFestival, etc. iQiyi also collaborate with advertisers to produce original shows exclusively for the brands