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Future Today Inc

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Jennifer Ventresco


Mission Statement:

To enhance people's lives through top-notch media experiences, Future Today is dedicated to embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) values. We're on a mission to elevate as the go-to global Family & Kids channel and position as a leading free entertainment channel worldwide. Our dedication to DEI shines through as we work towards making the Future Today platform the favored choice for content creators, creating a dynamic and innovative content space that truly reflects diversity and inclusion.

Unique Point of Difference:

Our distinctive competitive advantage lies in providing incremental reach, reaching audiences that major streaming companies are not currently engaging with. This unique point of difference underscores our commitment to broadening audience outreach beyond the conventional streaming platforms.

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NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council

Media Kit (download):

Future Today is consistently enhancing its owned and operated content library, ensuring marketers have access to an extensive and diverse portfolio of brand-safe content. This inclusive approach spans across Entertainment/Lifestyle, Teens/Family, and Kids programming, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Reaching 50 MILLION monthly users Delivering 1.5 BILLION monthly impressions 625 MILLION hours of streaming in 2022 across FTI network Total watch time increased 13% YoY across FTI network




BRAND UPLIFT PRESENTATION 2023- Prepared for Future Today and RESTAURANTX (Kids Meal), March 2023