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Emerging Networks LLC

Main Contact:

Thomas Marsillo


Mission Statement:

Emerging Networks is the nation's largest multicultural television platform representing "the other" multicultural markets beyond Hispanic and African-American . We offer advertisers an EXLCUSIVE plaform that delivers the most affulent multicultural consumers in a "".

Unique Point of Difference:

Our Viewers are NOT waching mainstream television and they are:
- Highest earning
- Best educated
- Best employed
- Small Business Owners
- Fastest Growing
Reaching them require no additional creative costs and only a small shift in budget because our viewers are English-dominant and the media costs are minimal compared to other Television Networks.

Type of media company:

Linear TV

Programatic Ready:

Focused segment:




Media Kit (download):

Our viewers subscribe to premium pay television channels with culturally relevant content.
Our Networks have an 11 year track record of delivering PERFORMANCE.
We've had nearly 500 National Brands on the air with us across a broad spectrum of Consumer categories.
We are Minority targeted and our almost all of our TV Networks are minority owned and operated.
Sizzle Real to be uploaded soon.


Our Television Networks cover nearly 70 Million U.S. Households 14 Million Multicultural Consumers $700 Billion of Buying Power More than 100 Television Networks



A small handful of our TV Networks are measured by Comscore but we have no abilit to produce post-buys beyond proof of performance. We do, however, provide Audience Estimates that are based on a combination of Comscore, American Community Service Demographics and more than 10 years of actual Network performance.

There are 2 Case Studies provided within our Media deck as well as multiple Client Testimonials.

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

Integration and Enhancements are available dependent on budget