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ChimeTV, Inc.

Main Contact:

Jinky Dolar


Mission Statement:

Consistently provide authentic English language entertainment and relevant information that informs, inspires, and empowers Asian American & Pacific Islander communities across multiple platforms.

ChimeTV and Golden TV provide 24/7 English language general entertainment as well as community-driven Asian American and Pacific Islander stories wherever and however you like to consume TV entertainment.

Our two brands exist in harmony as a powerful beacon to illuminate the richness, depth, and dynamism of AAPI culture. Our shared mission is to foster understanding, appreciation, and connection.

Unique Point of Difference:


There was no AAPI targeted English language entertainment channel available.

There was a vast underrepresentation of Asian and Pacific Islander acting talent on TV screens in broadcasting and cable TV per Nielsen studies 2021-2023.

No English language AAPI television home created a single umbrella for the 5 major regions of Asia: East, West, Central, South, and Southeast.

Type of media company:

Video, Cable TV, Linear TV, Content Integration, Digital

Programatic Ready: DSP, SSP, Other

Focused segment:





NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council


24/7 Cable (ChimeTV) Spectrum Select TV (Channel 147 in LA & NYC) reaching a 41 state footprint. Subscription Video on Demand (ChimeTV) FAST: Streaming (as GoldenTV) and found on,,, OTA- Broadcast TV (GoldenTV) on KEMO-TV SF/SJ/Napa/ East Bay channel 50.3; KAHC-LD Sacramento/Stockton/ Modesto channel 43.2; Stay tuned for more markets Social Media Platform (ChimeTV) @watchchimetv. 4 ASIAN INFLUENCERS = 5 Million weekly Impressions for advertisers


AAPI Related Research available in Media kit. There is no Nielsen measurement available, but a primary research study is underway
Impression guarantees in FAST

Several national advertisers have returned in our second year - with increased budgets

Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities Available:

The Unforgettable Gala, or “UNFO”, is attended by some of the biggest names in music, entertainment and business. Founded by James Ryu and produced by veteran media publishing company Character Media (formerly KoreAm Journal, Audrey Magazine and Kore Asian Media), the invite-only event attracts more than 700 attendees. The longest-running AAPI awards show will now air exclusively on ChimeTV. See 2023 sponsorship deck in media kit section.