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Blavity, Inc / Blavity Media Group

Main Contact:

Michael Hadgis


Mission Statement:

Blavity Media Group is the largest digital media company for Black culture and millennials that delivers digital campaigns by strategically distributing original and branded content and experiential events across our premium brands, including Blavity, AfroTech, Home & Texture, 21Ninety, Travel Noire, and Blavity House Party. Through our minority-owned publisher network, Blavity360°, we provide scale to our brand advertiser to multicultural audiences and creators.

Blavity Media Group is committed to creating an inclusive world where multicultural voices are amplified and celebrated. Our mission is to provide platforms, content, and services that empower the Black community. We believe that when Black people are empowered, they can change the world.

Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive economy that reflects the Black and multicultural experience. We do this by creating innovative products and services that make it easier for businesses to connect with Black and multicultural consumers by empowering like-minded content creators to share their stories with the world. We provide the leading destinations for Black news, opinion, and culture.

Unique Point of Difference:

Blavity Media Group - The Largest Digital Black Publisher. We have the largest black site for black culture and community, with, and we have the largest in-person event for Black professionals, with AfroTech Conference. We own and operate 6 authentic brands (Blavity, AfroTech, Travel Noire, 21Ninety, Home & Texture, and Shadow & Act), each a unique voice for the Black audience. To help extend the reach of our brand campaigns and support other diverse-owned publishers, we have our network Blavity360, through which we can extend digital and social campaigns across more diverse-owned sites.

Type of media company:


Programatic Ready: DSP, SSP

Focused segment:





NMSDC: National Minority Supplier Development Council


Total Reach 32MM users against BMG & Blavity360 Network What is your consumer target segment? Blavity’s core audience is a black consumer Person 21-49.



We can guarantee impressions (CPM) or video views (CPV). We also provide internal insights (impressions, engagements, VCR, etc). We can also conduct Nielsen brand studies for custom campaigns ($350K min spend to unlock).

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