We typically introduce new clients to CIIM™ via a 30-minute introductory call. We will review methodology, answer questions, and prep for next steps.

Client Introduction

The client will fill out a submission form (example can be found in the references pages of this deck) that includes all assets and necesary information for the CIIM™ Team to price the client’s testing.

Asset Preparation

We will begin to engage with your company’s procurement group

Initiate Procurement

The CIIM™ Team will create an SOW based on the information within the CIIM Submission Form for the client’s review. We will also wait to review the client’s PO.

SOW Creation

Upon SOW client approval and MP4 links provided, the CIIM™ Team can begin fielding the client’s assets. The fielding time is typically 2-3 weeks. Thi sfielding time will be impacted by potential customizations and target segments.

Fielding Process

Once out of field, the CIIM™ Team will begin the dashboard development process. This process typically requires 3-4 weeks. If an Open-End Analysis was included, that analysis will require and additional 2 weeks after the dashboard development.

Dashboard Develpment

The CIIM™ Team will present the client with the results in a 1-hour work session or presentation maximum to interpret dashboard results for every 4 ads submitted.

Dashboard Walkthrough

Discovering cultural relevance insights that align with the brand, CIIM™ Ads testing early-stage creative to guide final creative and maximize impact for advertisers

Incorporating CIIM™ Content cultural relevance scores with reach and frequency planning/media optimizers while leveraging the multiplier impact of minority owned/targeted media through the Diverse Media Accelerator™

Incorporating DEI reflections in ads, establishing baselines, tracking DEI Accelerator™ progress, and improvement on brand trust

Applying CIIM™ Content to understand urgency to develop characters and storylines that authentically depict MC & diverse audiences

Setting CIIM™ Ads cultural relevance performance benchmarks by brand and by segment while infusing cultural insights from creative brief to final execution